7 April 2009

Italy in May III

Slight change to the plans for Italy.

I saw an offer in the London Evening Standard for www.hotels.com and an extra discount they were offering. On the site they had the hotel we were already booked in at a cheaper price before the special offer, that when calculated came out at £104 less than both www.booking.com and www.activehotels.com. This is the biggest expense we have on the trip. In fact it amounts to about 55% of the total cost.

Usually when we have a flying holiday it is to a timeshare where the accommodation cost is capped at £115 through RCI.

As we planned this before the credit crunch hit we are committed to going. Everything has been paid for so to not go now will cost us dearly. We’ll just have to eat cheaply!

Just under 4 weeks to go.

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