5 April 2009

Busy Sunday II

Apart from the café not being open on Sunday morning at Samphire Hoe when we arrived the day went off pretty well. There was a good turnout for the breakfast run component and in the end we adjourned to Folkestone and a café over looking the harbour.

From there we had a drive up to Stop 24 to meet the people coming down for the Egg Run. And quite a turnout it was too. I was so shocked I even took a photo!

Graham Reynolds led the ride from STOP 24 up to Whitstable via Stone Street and a few back roads to avoid central Canterbury (as shame as in the sun it is a great view of the wall) and out through Blean. The new 40mph limit is a pain in the country once out of town.

The turnout was magnificent with what must have been 250 bikes setting off a little late after 2pm.

I watched them go and took a few photos and some videos on my camera and one or two are here.

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