16 March 2009

Sissinghurst Castle & Gardens

The gardens and castle only opened the day before went for our regular look to see what was happening in the garden. It was quieter than expected and we took the car rather than the bike (no MoT!). Excellent weather in the end!

Somehow I managed to take 161 pics on the day! Most of them aren't very good and will never see the light of day but there were a few decent ones. Exactly what digital cameras bring to the world.

Sissinghurst Castle & Gardens, originally uploaded by Devaldinho.

I tried the above to see what sepia looked like. I took one in colour as well and decided this one looked a bit better.

Sissinghurst Castle & Garden, originally uploaded by Devaldinho.

Above are the oast houses right by the entrance in front of the castle main entrance. This set are quite spectacular as they have both the more common round oast and the square ones. In its heyday the farm must have provided tons and tons of malt from these oasts.

Sissinghurst Castle & Gardens, originally uploaded by Devaldinho.

I just had to take the pic above to get the reflection in the water but as I clicked the fish rose and the ripples had an effect.

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