5 March 2009

My GT and Steve's Bandit

img002, originally uploaded by stevehh@yahoo.com.
In the Alps.

The trip was in 1999.  On the way to the Wasserbuffel Treffen at Schloss Moosham in Austria.

We met in Salzburg after Steve had been to the Czech Invader Rally in Brno.

For this part of the trip we headed down over the Grossglockner and stayed in Heiligenblut.  The idea was that we were going to stay in the Youth Hostel but we couldn 't find it.  So we stayed at a hotel.

The following day we headed out over the Alps to the Dolomites for a circuit around the Pordoi area then back to an overnight stay.

The next day we road all the way to Venice for a few hours before heading north to Austria via a few miles of Slovenia.

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Brian said...

The Alps look fantastic. I'd love to ride there some day. Great blog too.

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