23 March 2009

MoT time again

Okay, so my GS might be a little care worn, and yes, the paint is starting to lift on the barrels but it is 10 years old.

It (I avoid calling the bike "she") was first registered in Bavaria in early 1999 and was then brought to UK later that year and registered by now defunct dealership SPC. So in UK it is not a decade old until September 2009.

I still have the old registration document that came in the pack with the service book and handbook, both in German. Anyway, MoT time.

I had the bioke out a couple of weeks ago for the Ally Pally show, but haven't had much opportunity to get out and about until this weekend. The MoT ran out on 15th march, so to comply with the law, I booked a specific time at my local bike dealers, Alford Brothers, in Folkestone. Since I moved to this area I've had my TDM and GT worked on there. The former for servicing and the latter for a an accident claim back in 2000. I bought a Bandit 1200 in 2001. I checked everything over and gave it a wash and brush up. The oil leak they identified last year that loses a little from the back of the engine near the gearbox doesn't seem to have got any worse, I'll have to get it sorted some time this year.
The horn decided not to work. A bit of fiddling with the wires and nothing, then it seemed to sort itself and so all the way to the shop I was testing it.

Claire came with me and all the time the bike was in Alford's we spent in Phones-4-U seeing about a phone upgrade for Claire. No change tarif, just a new phone. She chose a Nokia 5800, but can't have it until April 1st.

We strolled back to the shop and usually it's outside wating to be ridden away, it wasn't. Dread! It was in the workshop and had passed. For the second year they noted play in the rear wheel bearings that was dismissed by the mechanics at Europ Touring

So that's it for another year. Now to get out and put some mileage on it again. where it had its 48000 miles service last year.

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