31 March 2009

Busy Sunday

I for one am hoping for good weather on Sunday. Firstly, it is the first Sunday Breakfast meet of the year at Samphire Hoe. A new venture for the Kent Centre of the Suzuki Owners Club, and a new venue.

The cafe is more of a giant tea-bar and so there is very little cover. There are loads of picnic tables to sit at though!

Secondly, it is the Whitstable Easter Egg Run. I usually go but after a few years of burning the clutch out on the mass ride out, I tend to go and dump the eggs with the organisers and watch the column leaving. Then go home. Might do the same depending on weather!

As both are the same day we have a cunning plan (© Baldrick) to get from one to the other.

The Samphire Hoe meeting is 10am and after a chinwag, we'll have a ride round to Folkestone Harbour and check out the seafood stalls before going to the meeting place for the run to Whitstable. It makes two events for the Centre diary.

Fingers crossed for sunny or at least dry weather.

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