22 February 2009

Weekend in London

For Claire’s birthday we had a night in a hotel in London and wandered about like tourists all day Saturday. It was nice to get out in a good day and walk around the city of my birth and see it as a tourist sees it.

The hotel we chose was the Hilton Docklands. We booked it on the 50% January sales and it came out at a tad over £60 with tax, inc breakfast. We arrived around 11am and parked the car in the car-park outside reception and booked in. Then as rooms weren’t available we set off for the day in London. With the Jubilee Line out of action (or so we were told) we made use of the local buses to get into town.

I had bought Claire and Oyster as I have a travelcard for the Tubes and buses. It worked pretty well apart from charging it with £5 wasn’t enough as the travelcard equivalent on Oyster was more than that! On the way up we sussed the C10 and then into London. Our first port of call was Hays Wharf and then along to Tower Bridge and a circuit back to Monument via the Tower and Trinity Square.

Once we had passed through this City we went to Jessop’s to get a bag for Claire’s camera. In the end we chose one from the London Camera Exchange along the Strand. With bellies rumbling we had lunch in a branch of Leon’s on the Strand.

Then with the afternoon starting come to an end we wanted to get back to the hotel and then change for dinner. Another few buses and we were back at the Hilton.

Our evening meal was booked for a Moroccan restaurant near where I work in Islington – Maghreb. In the end it was an inspired choice as the food excellent and the service was good and the staff very attentive. One to recommend.

Afterwards we head back to the hotel and a good night’s sleep.

All-in all a great weekend and should make up for going to the footie on her actual birthday!

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