23 February 2009

Old Suzuki Roadtests

I had an email asking if I was the Paul Devall that wrote a few road tests for the Suzuki Owners Club a few years back. The writer had found them whilst looking for road tests on the first model Bandit 1200.

I had forgotten all about them and did a search and came across http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/7594/roadtest.htm.

Four of the articles are written by me. One by Andy Pratt and another by Dave "Greenfly" Greenhalgh, other SOC members at the time. I have now secured the source in case after all these years the Geocities site goes to the wall and we lose these gems! ;)

The roadtests of the Bandit, Marauder and TU250 were done with the assistance of Suzuki GB and they provided the bike on the "drop it and you own it" basis. Unlike professional magazines that take pride in dumping bikes into the tarmac and worse, the SOC wasn't insured for third-party ownership and my own insurers were unable to help; not even at a price.

The last of my articles was about riding the Kettle at the VMCC's Festival of a Thousand Bikes.

DATE: 7/7/12 - Geocities has closed and the web pages were lost on the links above)

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