5 February 2009

Italy in May I

The plan was to get away for a few days over the May Half Term holiday to Italy, and more specifically to Naples, to visit Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. Claire has been before and I have never been south of Rome. And then only once.

Unfortunately, airfares were a bit on the high side as it is a kid’s holiday and so we had to cast about for dates where the weather would be t-shirts and so earlier in May was chosen. Flights with Easyjet were pretty reasonable outside Bank Holidays and so I booked and then checked on a few websites to get a hotel around Sorrento. In the end Active Hotels came up with the Casale Antonietta hotel. It looks pretty good and has car parking and free wifi!

The car park will come in useful as I have booked a car. The airport to hotel transfers were pretty expensive although the train system looks pretty good, but I like the freedom of my own transport. We can always use the trains if need be. Searching the net came up with a FIAT Panda from Opodo with Hertz.

I’ve started preparing and have a guide book, the tight arse £4.99 Berlitz guide! Plenty of information about Naples and Pompeii on the net. Plus if there’s free wifi in the hotel then we can surf the net using the Samsung Q1!

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