1 July 2008

Ride to Work Again

Today I had to be at a conference in Russell Square for 1000 to sign-in for a 1030 start. No problems.

Up early enough, sort out the bins as today is the once a fortnight that Shepway come and take the proper rubbish. Plenty of time in two weeks for anything a little iffy to go off in the bin and stink to high heaven.

Then it took 15 minutes to get the 4 miles to the Stop 24 Services to top up the tank. Why? Firstly a truck reversing into a narrow access to Jewson's yard off the main road. Then a broken down truck on the hill just exiting Hythe.

My new system of not exceeding an indicated short-80 has improved my fuel figures. The short-80 is on the speedo with the needle just touching the left edge of the 8 on the dial! It equates to about 70/71mph according to the Garmin. The return figures for the run to work yesterday and return to Stop 24 via home returned 55.19mpg. I usually with a careless hand on the throttle get about 47/48mpg.

The Garmin took me my usual way through the Blackwall Tunnel, at least today no hold up waiting for them to clear a breakdown, and along the A13 and through the City. Not many problems encountered.

But aren't cab drivers ****wits? Why do they deliberately make sure that the gap between the traffic island and then is too narrow to get through but not too narrow to make it look as if they are blocking you.... The clowns must have a ruler onboard!

Anyway a hot day and plenty of parking in Russell Square. On the parking space I used there was a rail provided by Camden for about half the length of the space. I wasn't able to get on that bit but it was easy to park and I used my big Oxford Chain in any case. The space nearest to the hotel was empty! If I had known I would have parked there, in the shade as well.

By the time I got to Stop 24 to fill up ready for tomorrow morning and meet Claire for a Starbucks, my shirt was soaked even with the new jacket's vents open front and back!

Here I am with my Caramel Frap!

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