30 June 2008

Ride to Work Day

As my season ticket on South-East Trains ran out on Friday and with the National Rally with Pete and Andy coming up on Friday I decided to get a few more miles under my belt and ride in all week.

Today I set off on time, and then lost 25 minutes standing and chatting at the entrance to the Blackwall Tunnel after a truck broke down in it. Finally arriving over an hour late to work!

Tomorrow, I have a conference in central London so need to set off early to ensure I am there for signing in. Also to find a parking place near to Russell Square. I'll have to check parking in London website (http://www.motorcycleparking.com/frames_index.htm) to see where the parking places are. There seem to be quite a few and no doubt I'll have to try them all to get a place for a big boys bike!

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