13 May 2008

Quiet lately!

I've been a bit quiet on the blogger front lately.  To be honest I've not had much chance to get out on the bike, despite us being in the middle of a heat wave in the South-East. Today is I think the 9th continuous day of sunshine.

Only a month ago at the pet food run we had rain and sleet as we left the Hein Gericke shop!  I was last to leave the kennels as my phone rang and it was Claire to tell me that my mum had had a heart attack. Everyone cleared off and that has occupied many of my weekends going and visiting etc.

It has been so bad that I have even put the GS on SORN for may. If I am not riding it, why tax it?  It's in the garage hooked up to the solar charger. I'll tax it in June when I will be out on it.

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