15 February 2008


What a "Friday afternoon" job I got last year!

It's been unusable for ages as the chin piece won't lock on one side. That is after the top vent went tits up soon after I bought it.

At the time it happened Infinity had joined it down the pan and I was left to get in touch with the importer. They have me the bird as they don't deal with the public.

They did say that Infinity had risen Lazarus style from the grave and to take it back.

I popped in to the Holborn store today. Can't say they were all that sympathetic but there you go. Have to take it back on Monday and see what Oxford Products say.

As it is now out of warranty and I have no receipt I am essentially fecked. Depending on how much it will cost to repair it might end up staying in deepest Oxfordshire.

An expensive toy. In there years I had no problems with my Caberg J1S.

"You get what you pay for...: Bollocks. I could have had three Cabergs for the same dosh or NINE years wear! Not fecking 6 months!

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