7 January 2008

Not had much to say!

I haven't been sending anything to the blog in recent weeks.

It is primarily a bike oriented blog and I an having trouble remembering when I was last on the bike.

I have tugged it out of the garage a few times, once to give it a check over. The other simply to start the engine. Of course, it doesn't matter how cold it has been it started after a few seconds.

So what else?

1. Had a lot of December off work firstly with flu, then food poisoning and then it was Christmas!

2. I am now the official Ivan Benda sub-editor. Ivan sends his articles directly and I sort them out. Should ensure that they reach the SOC in one piece. I have some photos to scan as well.

3. We had to buy a new mattress and that saw off the money set aside for an HiD headlamp for the GS. I'll have to start again!

4. Had a shock to find that a week after getting paid that my maestro card was rejected when I came to buy my season ticket last week. "Cloned!" I thought. No. The bank has a sweeper that moves any money from the current account into the savings account. The earliest I cab ever be paid is the 24th of the month. Officially pay day is the 26th but if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday we get paid on the Friday! Great except for December when we get paid on the 19th... So it swept all my pay into the savings account. I am annoyed that First Direct sent a letter (£25 charge) to tell me I was £1150 overdrawn? I have written!! A little investigation from them and a phone call would have revealed the cause. Instead I had to worry all day that I had been cloned and lost all my money!

5. Booked tickets to see Santana in June at the O2 Arena. Still over six months away and I am wondering when tickets might arrive. Luckily I printed the booking off! See 6.

6. December 29th. Claire goes to read the email in Outlook on the Dell. It gives an error and Outlook closed. No real error to work with buy it won't restart with out allocating a new PST file. The old one had exceeded its 2GB limit and is fecked. We've lost the inbox and contacts. Not such a tragedy but in the sub-folders of the Inbox are most of the unprinted bookings and holiday arrangements for the summer to Eastern Europe. The file resisted fixing with scanpst.exe. So now the job is to hunt them all down and contact them. Easy enough except a hotel in. Split that I can't remember the name of!!

So that's catch up!

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