8 January 2008

HiD Lights for the GS

Maybe all is not lost in my efforts to improve the lighting output of the GS.

The Nippy Norman spots that I have had for a few years and fitted by GS guru Neil "Steptoe" Harrison are not very good! Nothing to do with the guru!

The finish has been awful. They have hardly ever worked! Firstly they came with a cheap relay that was replaced and then they went out again. That time in France on a wet and unlit section of the A16 near Grande Synthe! One minute daylight (I exaggerate) and then gone! They worked again after another supposedly tough relay went in! Feck all for ages. Could have done with them in Austria at night in the mountains!

So now. Putting pennies away for an HiD light set from Les Wassell, a fellow UKGSer. I need 17500 of them plus petrol money to ride oop north. I feel a weekend at my aunt's in Manchester coming on.


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