16 December 2007

Another derby match

... And another win. It seems such a long time since we beat the blue scum although over time they are over 20 wins behind us.

In fact, there have been more drawn games than Chelsea wins!

This one was hard fought. Our fans spent the whole game berating Ashley Cole. We have had players leave before, but none have been as nasty as Cole.

So he gets what he is due!

In the end we should have won comfortably, we must have had most of the possession but it was a mistake by Cech that led to William Gallas heading the only goal.

I need to see MoTD2 tonight as we had the ball in the bet twice more that Wiley (the worst ref I've seen this season) disallowed.

In the end it looked as though he was doing whatever he could to let them equalise. Wanker!

Still we're top of the league!

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