19 November 2007

Slovenia 2008 (1)

The fourth and last of the eastern European states we will visit next year is Slovenia. I have been before, but not for very long, maybe two visits and a total of less than an hour, maybe as much as two hours!

The first time in 1986 when we travelled across the top of Istria to Trieste from Rijeka and the second in 1999 when Steve Hazlehurst and I dipped a toe in the country in the extreme northwest to "bag" the country as we rode northwards from a day trip to Venice to the Wassbüffel Treffen in Austria.

So maybe my first estimate of an hour was accurate after all.

In 2008 we have an overnight at the highly recommended
Alibi Rooms Hostel in the city centre at Ljubjana.

This is the last full day on the road to get to Ljubjana and one of the longest of Week 2. Setting off from the Island of Pag that morning. It doesn't look far on the motorways but we'll have to see. I am hoping for a stop off in
Postojna caves on the way, at east for a look even if there isn't time to go in.

I like to have accommodation planned in advance, and then leave the pace and route between stops take precedence and open to change. With accommodation booked, that is one consideration lifted off your shoulders.

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