18 November 2007

First Impressions: Suzuki Jacket (Part 3)

Following on from Part 2 where I said that the jacket looked as though it was going to be a good buy.

I still stand by that but after wearing it for the first time in what could be called winter weather, the jacket was perhaps a little thin.

Okay, it wasn't a real good test as I have removed the inner zip-out liner, but that was replaced with a
Chilli heated waistcoat.

It;s quite common when manufacturers up the sized to simply as a percentage to all measurements, so by the time they get to XXL, my size, the neck would be too big even for Mike Tyson. And Suzuki are no exceptions.

The padded neoprene insert in the from of the neck looks good, but there is simply not enough Velcro on the tag not on the jacket itself to locate it tight enough to keep put the wind. Something that is essential on a four-season jacket. I'd say that the Suzuki Jacket is a two or maybe three season jacket.

At the moment I am happy with the jacket, but if I am too ride in the winter again, and I will be out in a couple of weeks at the Whitstable Toy Run, I'll seriously look towards getting an old Hein Gericke jacket out of the loft! Stylish it isn't but it is waterproof and might fit better round the neck!

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