18 November 2007

Mali Madness - 'ello Tosh!

This morning I had a ride up to the Oakdene to hand over a Toshiba Portege to Bert to take to Mali. The PC that was my old work one will go to a new home.

I was joined by fellow SOC Kent member Brian Squibb and we had a long chat with Bert over a bacon sandwich. Excellent tales of Africa and a free brekkie.

Can't wait to see the pix when it is handed over. The laptop was owned by my company CEA@Islington and I hope that when the pics come back to get them on the website and maybe get a mention of the "Mali Madness" in the CEA newsletter.

The ride up was pretty cold and after an hour or more sitting in the warm cafe, the ride home seemed even colder. I wore my Chilli electric vest and it seemed okay on the way up, on the way back the power lead was so cold and stiff it kept popping the connection with the jacket. I suppose for safety it has to come apart easily, but this is too easy. Perhaps I need a longer wire from the thermostat to the jacket?

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