14 November 2007

Croatia 2008 (1)

With the trip still so far away, plans liable to change.

In all we'll have 3 nights in Croatia. Two in Split and I have been looking for another night further up the coast road. Not too far in case it gets clogged with traffic!

Plan A had the stay at the Youth Hostel in Zadar. In the end this will change as being oldies we don't do dorms, and although the hostel has loads of private rooms they seem unable to commit to letting us have one. The explanation being that they reserve them for tour guides and coach drivers. So it may be a case of "bollocks" and go elsewhere.

I have a first reserve lined up on the Island of Pag. It seems a shame to go somewhere with thousands of islands and a) not go on one, and b) not take a ferry.

Pag isn't that far off the mainland and the bottom end nearest Zadar has a bridge, but the top needs a ferry. Okay, according to the website it is only 20 minutes! But it is a ferry, and I do like a ferry.

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