9 October 2007

Spain - Day 4

Up and off to Cordoba. This time the motorway past Malaga was clear and we made good time to the turn off up the main N331 towards Cordoba. We were slowed as they are building the motorway alongside it.

On arrival the GPS had is perfectly on route but it can't plan for local drivers blocking the road. After a detour and a bit of manoeuvring we arrived right by the Mesquita. Coppers everywhere. The reason was some European conference on intolerance to Moslems. Didn't are too many delegates that looked vaguely Arabic etc.

The hostel I had chosen was recommended in the Rough Guide to Andalucia. The Hostel Santa Ana is a short walk to the Mesquita. After parking in the private garage, we set off for lunch and then into the Mesquita. We even went back to the hotel to get another couple of Nikon batteries for the still camera.

I'm still not convinced about the movie cam. Although we managed to take 30 different short films in and around the Mesquita itself!

We had a long walk that ended up in the new city. Once again the hunt for chocolate and churros was thwarted!

By now it was time to change for dinner. This was taken in a Moroccan restaurant near to our hotel.

Now it's time to delete the chaff off the cameras before tomorrow's trip to Medina Azahara and then back to Cala de Mijas.

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