1 September 2007

Constable Country

Flatford Mill, originally uploaded by pauldevall.

At the weekend we had a trip to a couple of NT sites after visiting Claire's Dad.

The first was Flatford and this is my view of the Mill across the river. John Constable painted his version from a different angle and of course, in 1817 there was slightly less undergrowth and trees to contend with.

This is Bridge Cottage, and this is the first building you come to after parking your car or, in our case, motorcycle in the official car-park. To protect the area, only residents are allowed to drive down the narrow lane that leads to the river.

The site is owned by the National Trust and Bridge Cottage and red tiled building next door (the shop and restaurant) are open to the public. The Mill itself is leased to a Field Study Centre as it Willy Lotts Cottage, also the subject of a John Constable painting.
The other place we were going to see is Bourne Mill in Colchester, but the satnav managed to take us all round Colchester and failed to tell us to stop and we found our way on the A12 again! Oops.

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