24 September 2007

First Impressions: Suzuki Jacket (Part 2)

After a week of wearing the jacket every day to work and both days over the weekend, my initial impressions are that for the £99 price tag it is a good jacket to buy.

On the few occasions when it rained it stayed dry inside and the two inside pockets, one each side of the main zip but curiously both on the left rather than one each side, worked well. One for wallet and one for phone. Neither leaked.

Without the removable lining it came with I would have serious doubts that this is a "four season" jacket. I tend to remove the quilted lining from any jacket and wear something else as it gives more flexibility with the weather. One day last week we had a very cold start to the day and I was a bit chilled on the M20! That was a one-ff and it has proved better as the week progressed.

I also have a slight reservation on the main zip. It;'s chunky enough, and like all zips it has a metal tag to pull it with, but the elastic in the back of the jacket to keep it snug, does cause the zip to pull apart when trying to do it up. Holding the edges of each side as close together gets over this. But it is worth keeping an eye on.

All in all I am pleased with it. After the Buffalo experience... it isn't hard to please!

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