17 September 2007

First Impressions: Suzuki Jacket

Although I bought, or rather exchanged this jacket, a few weeks ago, today is the first time I have actually worn it on the bike. With the "Indian summer we have been having recently I was happy to wear the Joe Rocket mesh jacket with the EDZ windproof inner shell under it when it was a bit nippy early in the morning.

Today, the forecast was for rain and so I dug the new one out of the wardrobe. I very rarely keep the linings in the jackets as it makes them less versatile when the weather changes. So I prefer to take a jumper or sweatshirt with me instead.

So, what was the experience like? Although it didn't rain, the road was damp on the way from home up to the M20. First impression of the jacket is that it is shorter than the normal jackets I like to wear and less bulky than the Buffalo it replaces. As a result it was a little parky on the way in with just a shirt and the EDZ.

It has two inner pockets on the left side, one inside and one outside the main zip. On the front there is a zipped pocket in the left that is definitely not going to be waterproof. On the right are two small pockets that look like mobile phone pockets, but these are no way near even pretending to be waterproof! Maybe in the sunner I'd chance a phone!

On the main seams there are also pockets that are too high and back to be able to get hands in when off the bike.

As well as the bright (at the moment) white Suzuki logo on the back, both forearm have the same brilliant white logos. The left sleeve has a small pocket, maybe for change? We'll see!

I'll see what it is like on the way home with my sweatshirt on.

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