17 September 2007

España por favor!

In a couple of weeks we are off to Spain for our wedding anniversary. Not on the bike but flying with Thompson-Fly to Malaga, then to the timeshare at Torrenueva Park.

Last week I was looking at places to go to use up the "banked" timeshare weeks. Spain has loads free at most times of the year, although kids holidays in July and August are a problem if you want to go then. I tend to look elsewhere! We already have a week booked in Hungary near Lake Balaton in August 08, more of that trip elsewhere.

So to the last week that needs booking. I decided that Spain might be a good idea, loads of places to go, and more cheap flights. I've knocked any thoughts of the US off the menu as the passport requirements and all the data they want on travellers means they can poke it right up their arses. We have been their biggest supporter in the "War on Terror", and then they treat us like shit.

Anyway, back to the subject. Checking a variety of dates and airlines produced really cheap fares to Valencia with Easyjet. A quick look on RCI showed that there were a few resorts where Valencia was a viable option. So I booked both of them The week is actually half term week in some places and so there may be kids, but where we are going is a little off the tourist trail for the British and their kids. I hope!

We'll have to see eh?

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