23 September 2007

Berkshire Museum of Aviation History

Had a good run across on the A25. It used to be scenic but not so much traffic. When I lived in Camberley and when I had just joined the SOC, we used to ride across the A25 from Guildford to Sevenoaks and then up to Brands Hatch.
I'm sure there were more open limited sections in those days.
Yesterday, there seemed to be too much hatching in the centre of the road and all too many 40 and 50 limits. It didn't stop the weekend-warriors overtaking us and the cars across solid double white lines. These guys are so much better riders than us. It's amazing none of them are in BSB or even racing at club level. Perhaps that would mean actually being able to ride?
We had a bit of a detour around Shere before we found the ford. I was hoping to get a picture of Paul B and Ian G coming through, but a Freelander came along the narrow exit track and put paid to that. It's not very deep, but has enough water in it to wet the underside of the engine!
After the ford we rejoined the A25 and gave the Silent Pool as miss and stopped instead at Newlands Corner for a spot of lunch and a chat. It's a place for another ride out one sunny Sunday.
We were amused at the banter of the weekend warriors as we queued for a coffee. All talk of the right gear to be in for a certain corner. This is the A25 mate. Not Brands Hatch or Monza! What a plonker.
Once back on the road we managed to miss the ford at Chobham as the GPS location I was given was wrong. We eventually arrived at Woodley and the small museum about 1330.. a bit late.
Nice to see some old greats of the SOC, Phil Hingert and Tony Taylor had come along.

Nice to see my old Cavalcade that Tony owns now and has kept looking really good. I had it for 4 years between 1987 and 1991 when I sold it when made redundant and had to keep the more useful bike... DR800!

The motorway thrash not so good on the way back! Plenty of Sunday afternoon traffic and after Maidstone my trim round my screen began to pull off and I had to grab it before it went completely. Sadly it lost on of the clips and so I'll have to leave it off. Once it got to flick against my visor I had to grab it and try to hold it as I pulled on the hard shoulder.
For those of you that like the look of a Cavalcade and want to know more, please go to
www.sccuk.f9.co.uk. The Suzuki Cavalcade Club has a small and enthusiastic membership in the UK. The bike was never officially imported here and was mainly for the US market to compete with the Honda Gold Wing. However, in the late 80's some found there way to the UK from the US as private imports. Mine was brought from Florida by a guy that brought a few non-UK models in and who was based near Stoke on Trent, hence the HEH registration. In the old registration system EH was Stoke!

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