13 August 2007

Rye time!

Sunday, we should have been out with the Kent Centre but no one could make it, so we went to Rye anyway.

Since the last time we went they have modified the entrance to the quayside at the Strand. Not for the better for me on the GS with the Touratechs fitted. The gap seems much narrower!

Why they simply don't open it for the bikes is hard to see.

Okay, in the summer the town is teeming with coach loads of Japanese and other more home made tourists, but the bikes keep the Strand Cafe and Kettle of Fish chippie in business. Some exchange for keeping the cash registers chinging might be in order. It's not going to happen.

Anyway, we had a look in a pine shop that Claire likes. All very modern with a CD instead of a paper catalogue. And then a long walk up the hill to have a look around and a coffee.

The weather was so warm and dry. Good job we had the vented jackets on instead of the heavier jackets.

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