13 August 2007

New Jacket - Buffalo RIP - Hello Suzuki

First job on Saturday was to get rid of Buffalo Jacket 3.

Michael at Robinson's had ordered me an XXL (okay I'm a porker!) Suzuki jacket from a brand new range that they are bringing out. The photo didn't look too impressive with former British Superbike Champion John Reynolds as the model.

However, in reality it looks pretty good. The Suzuki wording on the sleeves and across the back might not be the best advert for a BMW owner but I do have a Suzuki laid-up in the garage.

The jacket is simply called (on the label!) the 99AGV-JCKT-2XL, a name that rolls off the tongue! It is made of Reissa "Power Skin" material and is breathable, waterproof and windproof. The fit is very good with part elasticated hem to hold it close to your arse.

For added security it comes with Knox armour in the shoulders, elbows and back. Over the next few weeks we'll see how it performs.

It comes with a detachable quilted lining, but I'll never get to test this as I hate them. I take them out of all my jackets and I prefer to wear a sweatshirt or micro fleece underneath instead.

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