7 August 2007

LG Amsterdam Tournament 2007

Another bit of pre-season silverware for the Arsenal to add to the trophy cabinet.

We arrived halfway through the 2nd half of the early game in time to see three quick goals from Athletico and Lazio. Athletico Madrid running out winners in the end, 3-1.

The Arsenal supporters were crammed in the away supporters area, surrounded by perspex walls and toothed razor topping! You can see it in the picture on the left!
Our seats were already occupied and we were told it was a case of "sit anywhere". So we sat a few rows up. Then the ticket holders arrived and forced us to move. Nice to see some Arsenal supporters are so understanding.

We went down and almost reclaimed our seats, sitting one to the left of where we should have been! The knobheads dancing and shouting right by us eventually sat down so we could see.

The game went off okay, us in control and them kicking us up in the air all the time. Some dubious tackles on Robin van Persie, the "sporting" whistles when one of our players was fouled, and then the brutal tacking on RvP once he had scored our winner.

As soon as the whistle went we were off to the Metro and after a short wait we got away, two tram changes later we were back at the hotel, the Hilton. In the foyer was Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann! We had left the ground before the trophy presentation and hurried back! Perhaps we should have asked for a lift in the Arsenal coach!!!!

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