17 August 2007

Kettle Times 3

Out as soon as possible to lay the 30m cable across the drives to the garage and get the battery on charge. Checked the levels and all stacks are above the line. may need to top up with distilled water later to get them back to the top level.

With power on the charger hums and the battery can now heard to be active, lifting it a bit in the holder (strap pinged off on its own but still whole!) and there are bubbles. Hopefully, the charger can recover enough power to get it to start later in the day.

I'll try to drop in to Alford Brothers and pick up some new plugs whilst I am there. They are sure to still have B8ES aren't they! In the meantime, clean the ones already in the engine, gapped okay. Bike out in the open, the tyres a bit flat, pumped up so it moves better pushing it about. Optimism high, why aren't I pessimist!

Dribble a couple of litres of unleaded into the tank, turn to PRI, petrol pissing out of the drain. Switch to ON. Ignition off. Kick over a few times them click the kill button to on. Kick over. Nothing. It doesn't help that the kick start shaft was badly worn and has been for years. No proper purchase.

Nothing. Right plug out, turn over on the electric. No spark. Bugger. Running out of time. Perhaps this should have been started at the start of the week rather than the end.

Wheel bike back in garage until I have more time to have a look and see what the problem is. Maybe drop John Storrie a line and see if he can help.

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