16 August 2007

Kettle Times

As the week off work draws to a close I decided to get the garage a bit tidied up so I could access the Kettle at the back of the space. Two trips of crap to the tip later and I have a bit of access space. A plan to move stuff to the back along the walls wouldn't work as we have hooks with tools and stuff hanging, but it would have been nice to have both bikes at the front where I can see to work on them.

My garage is in a block and has no power, so I have to run a lead across from the house. Luckily a 30m length does it and goes in a square to stay off the neighbours drives. I'm sure they wouldn't mind it going across but this way they get to park and not trip over!

I've had the battery on charge most of the afternoon so far but it was completely dead. I'm hoping that it will hold a charge after all this time.

Yes, time. It seems to have flown very quickly. The tax disc on the Kettle shows it expiring at the end of July 2002! Yep. Five whole years. As you can imagine, the tank is completely dry, but I'll get some petrol tomorrow in the can and feed it a little. I'll pop the plugs and see what needs doing. I was hoping to get it started at least and get it out in the open. It's been SORNed so long the MoT is history.

It is to my shame that I have left it to rust away at the back of the garage. Although saying that, the Scottoiler has kept the chain very oily and it looks as though it was used only yesterday.

The problem that saw me lay her up wasn't that I simply couldn't be arsed, that's the reason I've done nothing, but that the throttle was sticking open at inconvenient times. I had planned to take it across to John Storrie, but never got dates fixed.

I did discover what the cause was. though. In an accident a few years ago, they had fixed most of the main damage apart from the unobtainables, like the brand new exhaust with a ding in it. The end of the throttle grip was scuffed and although it was MY insurance companies assessor, they refused to pay for a new one. One of the reasons I gave Carol Nash the flick.

On investigation, the problem of sticking open and having to be forced shut was that the end of the throttle that hangs over the end of the bar was damaged and has a spike of plastic pushed through and it was occasionally catching on a burr inside the bar! If the tight b*****d from Carol Nash had authorised and new throttle and grip it would have been okay, and I might not have almost soiled my pants a few times with a stuck and full open throttle. All that for a few quid.

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