16 August 2007

Kettle Times 2

Now that there's the will back again, I have to measure how much!

After the years of being condemned to the back of the garage there may be a lot to do to get it running.

The problem I've already mentioned on the Blog, the throttle body being broken (and dangerous!) can be fixed as. I have a spare set of grips, NOS (I think) in my collection of parts.

The main work to get throiugh the MoT looks as though it will revolve around the brakes. The front brakes have been a constant battle and I spent ages before to clean the calipers and fit new gaiters and 'O' rings.

One of the mods that was done to my old GT550A was to fit early GS model brakes. The calipers fit straight on as the models shared the same fork legs. It had to be done to the 550 as it originally came with only a single brake up front and the mounts on the other leg. Changing for a pair of GS brakes improved overall performance by a greater factor than simply adding another GT style caliper.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Gotta get the bugger started! May need to invest in a set of new plugs. as well as petrol!
Over the years the cardboard I had under the engine has become soaked in oil. I have no idea where it comes from, but there it is completely soaked through like a trainee firelighter. But under it, not a drop has made the leap from cardboard to concrete floor. I'm almost certain it is 2-stroke oil. I'll check the tank and top it up with Wilkinson's finest...

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