17 August 2007

I hate DIY!

Up this morning and get the first crap job of the day done; the silicone seal round the shower tray in the en-suite!

Yesterday, it took the best part of two hours on my hands and knees (oo-er!) to cut and remove the old seal. I'd not done it that long ago but it was a cheap brand from Aldi and had no nasty chemical shit in it to combat the bathroom's friend: mould.

This morning, I cleaned it all up again and went in with the latex gloves (chalked inside of course) and laid a new seal. Had Bodgit the Builder who built the house managed to get the tiles level at the bottom of the wall, the seal between shower tray and tile would be easier, but instead the gap isn't consistent. Much messing about and it is done. Once try I have a bit of trimming to do.

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Vespa said...

DIY - my most hated job of all. If only I could spend all weekend working on my scooters.

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