30 August 2007

EDZ Innershell

I looked at these at my local bike shop a while ago and marvelled at how gossamer thin yet stretchy this material is. How would it work? Then I saw the price and tried to calculate the number of thermals I could buy with £40. Quite a few.

But would they actually be as good as the EDZ Innershell. I doubt it if my experiences are to be believed.

My subscription of Bike magazine was due and so when I saw that new subscribers could choose to have an EDZ Innershell as a free gift I dropped the reminder in the bin and after a few weeks I logged on to the subscriptions website and took out a new one, and ticked the box for the EDZ Innershell.

Although quite portly, the largest size that Bike had listed was XL, and it is quite snug! They obviously don’t expect fat people to sub to their magazine. The EDZ Innershell is available in sizes up to 3XL according to EDZ own website - http://www.edz.biz/edz-windstopper-innershell.html.

I have no idea how it works. Why do I need to? It does. I wore it on Sunday afternoon for the first time, after a long day out in France wearing just a polo shirt and my Joe Rocket Phantom 4.0 vented jacket. Although not winter cold, the wind was whipping through the mesh at speeds of up to 130kph and the EDZ Innershell coped perfectly. I’ve worn it everyday this week to work on my commute from Folkestone to Central London, and in the mornings the air can be quite chilly, I have yet to be cold.

The best test so far was last night on the way back from football at the Emirates when I added a sweatshirt over it to add a bit of bulk under the Phantom. Not cold at all. I arrived home at 2330 amazed by the performance of the garment.

The £40 price tag is still a little daunting but unless you can score one free it, it may be worth that money to keep the wind out.

Photo posed by an actor!!!!

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