7 August 2007



I changed the Buffalo Jacket on Thursday. Rode home from Canterbury. Friday rode to Amsterdam. Maybe opened and closed the flap three of four times at most.

Hung jacket in the hotel wardrobe, not using it again until 11am or so when checking out of the hotel. Then I noticed the bloody pop stud had torn out again. How can it be?

This is three jackets since April! All gone the same way. Once was a pain and perhaps duff manufacture. Twice? But three times!

It might all seem a joke to some people, but it's £100 of my money invested in the jacket. On top of that a 36 mile round trip to change it each time @ 50mpg? Say 108 miles, so 10 litres of petrol, so at today's prices I'm also out of pocket to about £9 in petrol! Plus the time wasted!

Looks like a refund this time or change for another design. I have emailed Michael Robinson at Robinsons Foundry to see about another exchange!

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