30 July 2007

"What's on your ipod?"

So the question went.

"Well. To be pedantic I don't have an ipod. I do have a Creative mp3 player though."

"Get on with it!"

"There's a couple or three Gary Moore blues albums, Take That, Michael Buble, some Creedence Clearwater, and yes, two Amsterdam tourism podcasts, and yes, a rather interesting album from Electric Six..."

"I thought you were an old rocker?"

"Ah you mean Hendrix, Led Zep and Pink Floyd? Got them too."


"And Metallica and Megadeth..."

"Never heard of them."

And they say the youth of today are musically challenged! TRUE!

"Dave Mustaine and Megadeth were at the forefront of music with a conscience whilst knobs like Bono were still looking for sunglasses that look like he was delving through Yoko Ono's rubbish bin."

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