1 July 2007

Tesco Clubcard!

There are those that think that the supermarkets are ripping everyone off by offering their rewards schemes, and those of us that go to Tesco anyway and collect points.

There are those that get the Clubcard vouchers every month and they use them in the shop to subsidise their shopping.

There are those that see the potential of using them to buy "deal tokens" for a variety of things, days out, holidays, buying air miles or what we do, use them to buy hotel rooms across the UK.

S far we have stayed twice in London at the West India Dock Marriott and once in Ipswich when visiting relatives. The total cost for all three hotels made up from Clubcard points.

Whether or not Tesco are talking us for a ride, we don't give a fig. Each quid is worth four when used to buy deals. For £40 Tesco Quid we can have a room for £160!

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