5 July 2007

Ride to Work Day

This year ride to work day is on the 18th July. It is actually one of the days that I'll be riding to work!

I have always considered myself a "real biker" as I have experienced the depths of cold usually associated with Scott's fateful assault on the South Pole in 1912. Unlike Scott and his team I survived, but it was only a run the Ostend for the St Nicks Rally. I have a picture somewhere of frozen visor, spectacles and eyebrows.

But latterly, as previously reported, I have become something of a fair weather biker. "Why does that stop you riding to work in July?" Have you seen the chuffing weather?

We had a great April and I rode in everyday. Apart from the TT trip, I rode in most of early June, fortuitously opting for the train after I got back from the SIMS Conference on the 20th. Since then it has hissed down almost every day with floods on the North of England!

July 18th is SIMS again in Bedford! Fingers crossed for dry weather!!!!!!

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