23 July 2007

Buffalo Soldier or Martyr?

I finally got round to contacting Robinson's to let them know the Buffalo jacket had had a "wardrobe malfunction" again on the storm flap that covers the outside breast pocket.
People have said it is a minor problem. Maybe it is to them, but when you pay for something you expect it to be right. It also means that the pocket is useless in anything other than dry weather as it fills with water. The last time it did my phone and wallet survived okay. Just.
Firstly, I emailed and then dug out the receipt but Michael Robinson got back to me to say that they have another in stock if I want to have it, but that I can part-ex it against a more expensive jacket if I want to.

I suppose I'll wait and see. The jacket itself is a good design. For £99.99 the quality of the material is pretty good. I seemed 100% waterproof in the torrential rain I endured on the ride up to Keele in June. It's just the press stud on the storm flap is not very well secured.

I changed the jacket the weekend before we went to the Isle of Man and it had failed within a few days on the way up the motorway to get the ferry! In fact, it had lasted less than 190 miles and perhaps two or three openings and closings! Not as long as the first one.

We'll see what happens on Thursday.

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