22 June 2007

Wet, Wet, Wet

The last week or so has been pretty wet in UK. Luckily I managed to miss most of it in the two days I was at work after getting back from the IoM.

This week I had to go to a conference in the Midlands, Keele University in fact.

Luckily, I managed to get most of the way through the packed motorway system before it pissed down. Sadly, it was as we crawled through Brum that it started to rain, and hard. I had to make a quick pitstop to change gloves, but not before the unlined ones had got a little wet.

My jacket, the Buffalo, managed to keep me generally dry. The inside pocket behind the gusset was damp and sadly it's where I had my phones! Luckily, neither were damaged, just damp.

The rest of the trip went off okay. For the return I decided to take the M6 Toll to avoid the solid Brummy jams. As it was, there was an accident right by the junction with the old M6 and after ten miles of jams I got to the front. The M6 was free and so I went back to Plan B of M6, M42, M40.

It was almost free running on the way back apart from the speed control on the M42, that meant that we had to naff about at 60 mph. As there was only about 25 cars per mile, a bit ridiculous. But no doubt somewhere some gnome can claim that the limit was for our safety and no one was killed or maimed!

I stopped at Cherwell Valley as I was desperate for a pee. Not bad services, but they follow the IKEA principle of making you walk past all the restaurants and shops to get to the bogs!

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