12 June 2007

TT Day 8

Not really a TT day, as it's all over and today it is home day.

We were up early and down at the sea terminal for 11am to check on the boat and found that it had been put back to 3pm from 2pm.

We had a teacake in Capone's and passed a couple of hours before returning well before 1pm to start loading, only to find about 60 bikes already through the gates.

I can't say I am all that enamoured with the service from the Steam Packet. Compared with P&O or Eurotunnel it is a case of amateur hour.

The bike was tied up and once again I was lucky that there was no body contact with the boat. Leaning the bike against a padded rail seems primitive! But I suppose it works! I didn't see anyone complaining of damage!

The crossing time was up to 2h 50m from the 2 hours on the ticket. Once back in Liverpool it was a palaver to untangle all the bikes and get off into the fresh air. It was gone 6.10pm as we emerged both by my clock and the Liver Buildings clock.

Signposts seems hit and miss but we eventually found the M62 and Manc bound. I didn't realise how we would make progress and had booked a £15 room at the Travelodge at Hilton Park. In the end we were there a little after 7.30pm so if I had thought about it I could have looked further south. I discounted riding all the way home and getting home after midnight.

Dinner was in the room watching the TV. In fact the first healthy meal of the trip. No sausage, no burger just a tuna salad.

Home tomorrow.

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