6 June 2007

TT Days 1 & 2

Day 1.

Left at 1010 and made good time on the motorways to Steve's, where we should have arrived about 1710.

Unfortunately we suffered a "Doris Moment" and spent ages in the vicinity riding round and round. A map problem means that there are no routes involving Liverpool work properly.

Day 2.

Up a bit late and. out about ten-ish for the short ride down the East Lancs Road and into Liverpool. Passing Goodison on the way in.

By ten thirty we were parking up in Albert Dock. NB they make you pay to park - £1.50 an hour. We had an hour!

Once at the Steam Packet we booked in. . Parked up and had a burger. When. We came to board we foiund that they guy hadn't given us a boarding card so they wouldn't let us on. Back to the check-in for him to say he couldn't give us a new one but to go to the office. Now we were experiencing one of those "Airline" TV programme events! We had to go through our luggage to prove we didn't have them and despite me having the booking letter they ummed and aaghed before they gave us new ones. The fact we never had one originally was lost on everyone but us!

The boat left 30 mins late and so here we are on the Irish Sea. Can't be long now.

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