11 June 2007

TT Day 7

Last full day of the holiday on the Island. So we decided to do the south and for once it meant not going to Peel! I know but there you are! Sacrifices have to be made.

Firstly we went to Port Erin and stayed there for ages. The usual cup of tea (or rather coffee this time) but it was too hot. One of the locals said it was 82 degrees. Not what you expect from the weather on the Isle of Man.

We had to move as the white painted walls of the cafe acted like an oven. I remember from metalwork years ago to use a corner to heat metal quicker to reflect heat back!

We had a walk around the town and to the bank, then into the newsagents for a paper to read on the seafront. All very nice. Even better when the sun went in for a while. Yes, I am complaining there was too much sun!

Lunch was in Cafe Roberto, with a back drop of a Vincent single. I guess it was a Comet but I am not an expert where even this level of British bike lies in the pantheon of great bikes. Across the road was a shop that looked like a bike dealers from the fifties, also featuring a couple of Vincents, these both being twins so I guess these would have been Rapides as neither has much body work, although I suspect they may even have been Shadows. The red one though?

From Port Erin we took the coast road to Port St Mary and then onto Castletown. We stopped for a while and had a wander down to the harbour and then off back to the B&B for a shower etc before a ride out to have dinner. I fancy Indian but my belly might not and we have a long way to go tomorrow, so no Dehli Belly required!

In the end we set off for Douglas and found a really nice Thai restaurant. I can thoroughly recommend "The King and I" on Bucks Road. We were entertained by the proprietors son, Alex, who was the fount of all knowledge about football, despite being only 7yo! The food was excellent and cooked by the wife of the partnership, Sunny.

Tomorrow we have to be at the ferry terminal at 1130am according to the paperwork. Let's hope we get a bloody boarding pass this time!

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