10 June 2007

TT Day 6

No more racing to occupy our days. So today was spent travelling around the Island.

Firstly, we went into Douglas and avoided the town centre but by the grandstand to let Claire see it.

Then on to Laxey and the Lady Isabella Wheel. Then we needed a cup of tea and so went down into Old Laxey.

Old Laxey is quiet and like the beach places we used to go to years ago. After a pot of tea we set off again for Snaefell. Sadly the museum and cafe was closed. You might get the idea that our trips revolve around tea. You may be right!

From Snaefell we dropped down to Tholt Y Will and the Wheat Free Bakery. Time for lunch? A roast pork bap and another tea later and we were Peel bound.

Continuing down to Sulby and on to the track, but going against the race direction. It was very quiet going our way, but there were still loads of loonies bombing around the track as though they are Mini-Me John McGuinness's!

We were in Peel for hours. Walking in the sun and of course eating. This time another of Davison's excellent ice creams. We walked it off though (!) along the harbour wall to see the seals.. I won't embarrass myself with the pictures of the seal!

The picture above is actually a panoramic one I merged together with a tool that came with a friend's Canon. I used the "panoramic aid" setting on the 8700 to try and keep the levels the same to make it easier to stitch them together. The subject is Peel Castle!

We returned to the B&B in time to see the Canadian GP and Lewis Hamilton's maiden win. Then it was into Douglas to see the transition between it being overrun by bikers and it being reclaimed by the "normals" as they no doubt think the are!

So another scorcher of a day. At least the lobster red face and head are beginning to mellow; hopefully to a tan!! Let's hope it continues......

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