9 June 2007

TT Day 5

Moving day. Packed and paid Sarah Everest and set off south to new B&B at Foxdale - Clag Mooar.

As it seemed too early we stopped in Peel for a coffee and a walk round,then rode down to Foxdale. Good job we did as they were getting ready to set off to Castletown and the Southern 100 Club's Billown road races.

We dumped the luggage and changed into lighter clothing. We set off as well towards Castletown to where the road was closed. We arrived in time for the practice for all three races and found a good viewing place, right by a convenient tea bar!

I took a few pics, but as with the Senior TT, the camera's shutter speed is too slow. By the time it decides to take the pic, the subject has left the viewer! In the end I started to anticipate and press early!

After practice the road was opened and we decided to head off back to Peel for a walk and perhaps a paddle. In the end we had one of Davison's excellent ice creams. Gorgeous!

Later on we found that where we had been viewing practice, Fourways, was where there was an incident when a bike went in the crowd. During practice a few overshot the right hander and went up the road to turn around.

Then back to the B&B for a shower etc and then back out to Douglas (again!) for did-dins.

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