9 June 2007

TT Day 4 - Part 2

John McGuinness sets new outright lap record and race record. Damned Honda!

That aside what a great winner and an exciting race to watch.

When we arrived at the Bungalow it was hot and sunny. By race time it was freezing (in comparison) and the mist came and went obscuring the track way back from our bit.

I managed to get a few decent photographs of the race, but having to use full digital zoom means that until you see them on the bigger computer screen you have no idea how good they actually are.

The MCN Parade of Champions was held up for a while as there had been an accident on the Ramsey end of the mountain. A rider had crashed and his bike flew into some spectators. He was killed and two of them also died.

The Parade was at a pretty hectic pace with Carl Fogarty off first and harrying the leading travelling marshal as they passed us.

Once it was over we went back to our B&B to change and then head out to Douglas for dinner. Sadly on arrival the Austrian selling goulash had gone home! In the end we had to make do with a "Bigfoot", although I could think of a better name for a 12" sausage; "lifesize?" Perhaps not.

After a walk we ended up opposite the Carol Nash/Bushey's marquee where the evening's entertainment was to start. A few loonies doing burnouts before a stunt rider whose name I can't remember, came out and did some stunts, wheelies and burnouts etc. Once he'd blown his tyre they fired up the mechanical bull, and we left for a quick ride back to Ballaugh.

At Balacraine, an old BSA Goldstar came from the left, wheezing off the line. By the time the lights changed he must have been through Laurel Bank. I eventually got the chance to pass him on the long downhill into Kirkmichael. It might have been old and two-up but the rider had a good line and unlike me didn't have to brake!

Feeling like we needed a drink I pulled into the pub at Ballaugh Bridge. A quiet pint alongside the track at 10pm.

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