7 June 2007

TT Day 3

Day 3 saw us up early and breakfasted and out to get to the Liverpool Arms for the BMW Club TT Natter Meet.

When we arrived we saw that Peter Lewis, who lived on the Island, was there and had the banner up already. Gradually, people started to arrive and soon there must have been around 40 bikes parked up alongside the pub and in the car park. Thanks to Peter especially for his help on the day.

We left about 1.45pm for a run into Douglas essentially for a look round and a look for Tesco and to look round. We didn't find Tesco but did buy stuff for lunch and for tomorrow when we will also need to be out early to get a good view of the Senior TT.

All in all, I thought the Club meeting went off very well and I tried to natter to as many people as I could.

We got back to where we are staying at about 5pm for a lie down before setting off again for dinner and to look for an optimal viewing spot for tomorrow. Pie and chips was tonight's choice from the limited Ramsey eatery list.

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