18 May 2007

Isle of Man TT 2007 - Accommodation!

Have started to get the jitters about the first accommodation on the Island. I'm very careful to file all the bookings I make and thi sone seems to be a bit of a problem I have the notepad where I wrote down the address I was given but can't find the telephone number! Sh*t!

In the end I was browsing on the 'net on the TT Website's forum and have seen another one, better placed for race week in Onchan. It will mean losing the deposit I paid the Ballaugh peple but beggers can't be chosers.

I've dropped Sara Everest a note asking her to get in touch. Two weeks to go and I still have no idea where to go!

Update: Someone suggested looking on the TT Homestay pages and bingo! An email address.

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