30 May 2007

C2 - Needs Work

Since the helmet came back from Oxprod after they repaired the top vent, the forehead lining has been slipping when I am wearing it.

There are two plastic bolt heads that are presumably where the liner is fitted to the outer shell. To hold the forehead liner, a band of padded material in reality, in place there are two round Velcro pads, coincidentally the same diameter as the bolts head. These are glued one side to the bolt head and the other is the "male" type of Velcro, and it's these bits that move.

The first time it looked as though I wore a wig and the glue had run. Luckily I am a baldy-man but the line of glue looked bad!

I have some Velcro I can use from the lot I used to hold the ear speaker for the GPS in place. And that's another job. I still need to ease the ear space so that the speaker fits a little less closely to my ear. I might lose some of the volume but the edges still rub on the ridge of my ear!

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