31 May 2007


blI have been looking at the Cardo "La Scala" bluetooth headsets that are being advertised on the Net and that Ian, a Kent Centre SOC member, has a similar solution on his helmet. I can't afford a set any time soon as the Zegas have to be paid for (!) as well as the Isle of Man trip next week. I might drop into Infinity as they are listed as suppliers but I didn't see them when I was there a few weeks ago to collect the C2. I'm just concerned how they fit to the helmet as it claims there's no glue or screws involved.

The price does seem to have come down a bit and they are now about £65 for each or as a set of two, called a Teamset, you can save a couple of quid. Another option is Interbike and this one is nearer £149 per set. I think this is the one that Ian has.

Whilst these would solve the problem of communicating with my passenger and also give us both the ability to answer our phones, I have an older GPS that has wired output. I have had the Quest for over two years and as it works very well, I don't want to spend more cash in replacing it with a bluetooth enabled system, Zumo or similar. So the hunt is one for a bluetooth transceiver solution to replace the wired option. The units can also be paired with others so that you can in effect have bike-to-bike communication as well as rider-to-pillion. I assume the bluetooth protocol allows for a unit to unit link and that this is encrypted?

Before I put hand in pocket I need to see some more articles on them and see what the consensus is.

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